Kidney Essentials

Providing the very best in up to date research and educational materials for the kidney clinician and researcher.

As the science of medicine moves forward, meetings, journals, and seminars tend to revolve around new findings and advancements. While the clinicians may be more aware of new studies and papers, there are hardly any opportunities to review the basic concepts and mechanisms. We created this website to fill in those gaps in that forgotten territory of clinical practice of the kidneys. Basics will provide the foundation for a stronger building, unbreakable defense for a champion, and a clearer vision for the explorer. Moreover, understanding the complicated pathways of the kidney may help the clinician admire and enjoy this fascinating organ.

Our main goal is to take the kidney out of the fear zone of the clinician and bring the renal joy and glory into everyday practice.

At KIDNEY ESSENTIALS we're saving the world, one nephron at a time!